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Can you describe your publishing journey? Did you always want to be a writer?

I first started this journey in 2003. I was married with two small children and a third on the way. I spent most of my free time reading. After the passing of my aunt and my grandmother, I realized just how short life really was, which led me to  an author forum, and thinking about writing my own fiction. After a the encouragement of some friends I made on that forum, I decided to give it a shot.


Over the next year, I wrote and rewrote my first story, a contemporary romance. By the time it was finally finished and polished, I had given birth to my third child. This was my first novel, In the Nick of Time. Finishing that story was one of the most amazing accomplishments I had ever done at that time. I was so proud that I'd finally finished a story that I cried. By this time I had found a critique partner who was also an editor and she went through it with me with a fine tooth comb to help me make it the best it could be. Her and my two other critique partners are the reason that story became what it is. Once I felt my draft was as shiny as it could possibly be, I submitted a query to an editor at Harlequin, as that was the style I wrote that story in. They requested the first 3 chapters. However, after a few months of waiting I got back a rejection letter. It was a pretty standard rejection with a few small issues they had.


I took their thoughts into consideration and made some tweaks to my story and found a new online publisher that I submitted to and it sold! I was so excited to finally be contracted for my book. After several rounds of edits, it was released into the wild in 2009. During my time with that publisher, I published two more books, both were paranormal romance. I loved my publisher but they decided to take the company in a way that I felt I no longer fit in there. So I pulled my books, redid the cover art and published them myself on Amazon.

I quit writing for a long time due to my dad getting really sick and my mom needed my help in caring for him. I also got pregnant and gave birth to a fourth child, who happens to be special needs. This all took a toll on my creativity that by the time my dad passed in 2011, I didn't feel I had any creativity left in me so I set my writing aside and moved on to other endeavors.

Recently I felt my love of writing and creativity returning and had a new idea come to me. This is where I am today. I am currently working on this new project and I can't wait to share the details with you!

I prefer audio books. Is there a way to listen to your books?

Unfortunately not at this time. I do have plans to eventually create audio books for my backlog and future books when they are ready for publication.

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I'm a blogger/vlogger/podcaster and I'd love to do a feature on you! Are you available to do an interview?

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I love doing interviews! All interview requests can be sent to or through my contact form.

I'm an aspiring writer! Do you have any advice for me?

Write. Write. Write. And then write some more! And be an avid reader! Don't let anyone ever tell you that your dream is dumb or silly!

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